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I heard the news today that International Filing Company is closing. This is really sad news. I remember competing against what was then called AFC Filing Company when I worked for Ames Color-File (many years ago). Myself and Jeff (the AFC rep) would run into each other in the hospitals while we were making sales calls and would always have a great conversation. Today I currently purchase some products from IFC for resale to my customers. I know I can find sources elsewhere but I hate to see this happen to a good company.

The article reporting on this happening can be found HERE


This is really crazy, bed bugs in file drawers? This is a new one for me! The Social Security Administration has issued a solicitation to use heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs inside vertical file cabinets containing paper files and folders. This facility is located in Jamaica, Queens New York.
I have been trying to figure out how these bugs could have ever gotten into these file cabinets. And how did they spread? The file cabinets are located on various floors.
If anyone has any theories share them with the rest of us!
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