Tab Dividers (also called Index Tabs) are tabbed sheets of paper inserted into a folder to separate sections of the folder.

When to Use Tab Dividers:

-If the record is very large

-When parts of the folder need to be accessed quickly

-Multiple people use sections of the file

Why Use Tab Dividers:

-Keeps the folder organized

-Saves time (time is money!)

Applications for Tab Dividers:

-Medical Records, Hospital Charts

-Legal Records

-Banking & Financial Records

-Insurance Records

-Mortgage Loan Files

To maximize the efficiency gained by using Tab Dividers it makes sense to customize the dividers to match you particular needs.  Unless the quantity is very small the price is not very different from stock dividers.

Making your own tab dividers may seem to cost less than custom, but when you compare the supplies and time (and they usually end up sloppy) used to construct these tabs they end up being more costly than custom. 

I have listed below the choices you can make when designing your custom tab dividers. 

1: Paper Weight- Tab Divider paper is available in 90lb. and 110lb. weights.  The heavier weight helps increase the durability of heavily used dividers.  90lb. paper takes up less room in the chart and is the most commonly used weight (most of the wear and tear happens to the tabs).

2:  Paper Color-Tab Divider paper is available in white index, manila, and colored paper.

3: Tab Extension-How far the tabs stick out (extension) is available in 5 sizes:

1/4" ext.

3/8" ext.

1/2" ext.

5/8" ext.

3/4" ext.

If the tabs are located on the bottom of the dividers a smaller extension has the advantage of not covering up the side tab of the chart.

For tabs located on the side of the divider larger extensions mean the text is easier to read.

4: Tab Cut-This describes how many tab positions are located on the dividers.  Also described as how may tabs to a bank. The tab cut ranges from 1 tab  per bank to 12 tabs per bank (1/12th cut).   With each addition of a tab to the bank the width of the tab gets smaller.  tab divider grid

4: Printing-Custom printing on the tab can be on one side or both sides of the tab. Body copy is also available.

5: Mylar Reinforcement-Mylar reinforcement on the tabs greatly increases the strength of the tab. 

Also, choosing a different mylar color for each tab makes it easier to quickly identify each section.   mylar colors

The holes may also have mylar reinforcement to keep them from ripping.

6: Hole Details-The holes used to attach the divider to the folder may be located on the top or the side of the divider. 

You can also choose 2 holes (for folders with fasteners), 3 holes (usually for a 3 ring binder), or 5 holes (usually for a 5 ring binder). If the divider goes from a binder then into a folder 5 holes will work with both situations. 

7: Collation-Dividers can be collated into sets.  This is a good idea if every tab title will be used in every chart.  If each chart requires different tabs collating the tabs separately is the best choice.  For times when most of the tabs are used with every chart you can have those dividers collated into sets while the tabs only used with some of the charts are packaged separately.

Do you have any suggestions about paper tab dividers for file folders?

Call Efficiency Solutions for personal help designing your tab dividers!

4 Responses to “Custom Paper Tab Dividers for File Folders”

  • Lori Ruderman says:

    Looking for custom file tabs with the following specifications:

    Manilla 90 lb 3/8″ tab extension, six cut, two hole punch at top. No reinforcement to holes and no mylar to tabs.

    five different sets of tabs per package (each with a printed cover sheet (same maniall 90 lb card stock) that does not have a tab. Printed coversheet have black print with a small to moderate amount of green color fill. All tabs are printed in bladk.
    First set has one cover sheet and 7 tabs
    Second set has one cover sheet and 12 tabs(last one blank)
    Third set – one cover sheet and 7 tabs
    Fourth set – one cover sheet and 6 tabs (last one blank)
    Fifth set = one cover sheet and 6 tabs

    Plan to order 25-50 initially and if successful will order 50-300 additional per year.

  • Cathy Knight says:

    I need the following to replace used tabs in sets from the Avery Clear Tab Dividers Sets (#11446 & #11447);

    5 Tab cut: Need 30 of Position 3, and 23 of position 5

    8 Tab cut: Need 21 of Position 3, 29 of position 4, 30 of Positions 5 & 6, 25 of position 7, and 3 of position 8.

    Is this a possible order? We often use the first couple of tabs out of the set and then many get left over, costing a ton to refill our stock when we have a whole box of extra tabs!


    • Teresa says:


      I appreciate your question regarding tab dividers. It is possible to order different quantities of different positions when you purchase custom tab dividers. You could have each position packaged separately. This would have the added benefit of saving you the time it takes to print and apply the labels you have printed on your computer.

      Let me know if this is something that would work for you.



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