Electronic record is definitely here to stay. The question is what version will end up working the best. I could be wrong but I still think in the end some medical records will still need to be kept in hard copy. The passage of time and new technology will tell us if the stored records will still be accessible because of out-of-date storage units (think floppy disk).

The issue of how much expensive staff time it takes to input all this data is evident now.
Click here to read about a study conducted at W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University that uncovered how use of the electronic record adds to the cost of patient care. (The study did show that mortality rates for some conditions are reduced with electronic records.) When my mom was hospitalized the end of last year I personally watched nurses spending up to 2 hours after their shifts inputting data into a computer. Interrupting one of these inputting nurses with any kind of a question or need was done at great risk!

Like any big changes like the electronic record, care and planning must take precedence. I don’t think that is being done with electronic record implementation.

Tell me what your experiences have been regarding the electronic record?

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