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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that all prescribing practitioner’s verbal orders be authenticated within 48 hours.’s article explains the details.  Joint Commission required compliance to this rule March 11, 2009 with a change in their regulations. Additional information regarding the Joint Commission’s rule can be found here.

Since all records waiting to be scanned or filed into folders do not involve verbal orders, compliance can be tricky.  How do you make sure this rule is followed?

One way to assure that records requiring this information are not processed before authentication is to use a bright, fluorescent label.  This label is designed to be placed on the record where the relevant practitioner needs to sign and requests all the required information.

Here is one example of a verbal order compliance label.  This label has a line identifying which doctor needs to authenticate their verbal order  and the text “Please Sign and Date and Time Below”. This reminds the doctor to date and time their signature to prove compliance.

This label will scan which is very important for departments scanning their records after completion.

Size:  2-1/2” x 1”

Note! Some label colors will not show up when scanned.

Advantages of using CMS compliance labels

>Improves quality of care

>Saves time for record staff and practitioners

>Demonstrates Compliance to CMS Verbal Order Rule

>Saves money on administrative costs associated with record completion

Health care facilitates have many rules and regulations.  Taking advantage of help simplifying the processes just makes sense!

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Do you have additional ideas to help with the 48 CMS rule?

 What are Year Codes? b_yearlabels

Color-coded year bands provide an economical way to distinguish time of activity of individual folders located in a filing system.  A year band can be used to tell when a record was created or when the record was last accessed.

Each year is printed on the label and assigned a different color. For example, 2010 may be red while 2011 is blue.  The label wraps around the side or top tab of the folder so it is visible from both sides of the folder.      

What Sizes Are Available for Year Codes?

Side tab label sizes are:  3/4” high x 1-1/2” wide (most common size),
1/2” high x 1-1/8” wide, 1-7/8” x 1-7/8”.

Top tab label size is:  1” high x 1/2” wide.

What Type of Filing System Commonly Uses Year Codes?

Year codes are more commonly used in a side tab filing system (this is when folders are filed on open shelving as apposed to drawers) because these systems are often very large.  Also, with open shelving you can see the colors on the labels by standing in front of the shelving.

Why Use Year Codes?  yr codes

Finding information based on the year is much quicker. If you do not put it on the front of the folder you have to go into each chart to find the year.

Another use of colored year bands is when all records from one year are filed together.  If someone tries to put a record with the wrong year’s folders the color band will be different than the others in the section

When is Knowing Folder Activity Important?

Knowing folder activity is valuable in a number of instances:

If you purge based on activity. 

When a study is conducted and you want to access all records from a certain year. 

If you are looking for a certain record and know the year the search is quicker.

You need to follow-up on a record in a specific time period.

What if You Have too Many Records in One Year?

When one year is too long a time period (too many records) you can use two or more colors for the same year to break up the year.  Or, month codes are available to distinguish each month of activity.

Benefits of Year Codes!

Using year codes saves time and after all “time is money”.  Since approximately 75% of every dollar spent in filing areas is people time, using color-coded year bands will pay big dividends!

Share your ideas about using year codes.

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