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lap topAnother incidence of personal information from 4 million patients at a medical facility has been reported stolen in an article published in the November 16 edition of The Washington Post with Bloomberg

I don’t know about you but this really scares me!  I realize  having store shopping cards means what we buy at the grocery store can be accessed by marketers and “bad guys”.  But can you just imagine what the criminals can do with all the information found on this stolen lap top?

When the decision was made in this country to force medical facilities to convert to electronic records I do not believe enough time was spent ensuring the safety of our personal information.  Just imagine the magnitude of someone trying to steal 4 million paper based medical records.  The chances are pretty small that this will happen.

HIPPA has made multiple rules and regulations regarding our privacy.  I wonder how many facilities have been penalized for not securing patient information?

So I stay on my soapbox about forgetting electronic records until our private information is protected! 

What do you think!

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