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Mobile shelving is an excellent way to increase filing inches while decreasing the amount of square footage taken up by the filing system.

But how do you figure out which type works best for your needs?

Read my article “Questions to Ask Before Choosing Shelving for Your Files” for help figuring out what your particular needs are.

I have listed three commonly used types of movable shelving along with the advantages and disadvantages of each type. I have included Rotary Files, Lateral Movable Files, and High Density Mobile Filing.

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How do you figure out what kind of stationary shelving will best suit your filing system needs?

Read my Article “Questions to Ask Before Choosing Shelving for Your File Folders” for a list of questions designed to help you figure out your particular shelving needs.

I have listed stationary storage units with advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of unit. I have only included units that have a finished look (not industrial) suitable for an office or a record’s department. Units included in this comparison are: Vertical 4 drawer file cabinet, Lateral 4 drawer file cabinet, Stackable Open Shelving , and L&T Open Shelving.

For simplicity purposes I based the comparison calculations on letter size file cabinets.

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Designing a new filing system may seem like a daunting task! One of the most exhausting parts of filing system design is choosing shelving,  because shelving is available in so many different styles and these styles vary in significant ways.   

Making a mistake purchasing shelving can be very expensive since most companies penalize for returns.

To make matters worse, the problems are often not discovered until well into the project. When it finally is discovered, removing media and taking the units apart is very costly and time consuming.

Reversely, deciding to live with such a “big mistake” may result in years of hassle and even more expense.

Answering a number of questions upfront before making any shelving purchases will help avoid these perils.

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